I don’t believe in coincidences.

You have found your way to my page because Spirit loves you and wants to help. Now is definitely the time and maybe I am the person to help you find some answers. Spirit always supports you and works for your highest and best good. I encourage you to follow your heart as you will know by reading my name and looking at my picture if I am the right guide for you at this time.

I am an Intuitive Psychic and Medium. I have worked with hundreds of people, who like you believe we are spiritual beings living a physical existence. I connect with grace and ease to your souls history on a multi-dimensional level. I provide compassionate, clear and loving connections to yourself and loved ones. Trust I will bring forth answers with clarity from Spirit to empower you to move forward in all areas of your life.

It may be a one-time session or an ongoing relationship that works best for you. You decide what journey we take together. In partnership we can bring harmony, joy, peace, clarity and understanding wherever it is needed. Divine Love heals all.

I am very grateful for my skills and abilities. I consider it a privilege and a joy to do the work I do.

With Love and Light,
Kristine Scott

Intuitive Connections was created by KRISTINE SCOTT to help find “Your True Identity. Kristine has a comfortable private office located in Hudson, WI and readings can be scheduled via phone or in person using the blue “BOOK NOW” button on this website or using the contact form on the contact page.

  • INDIVIDUAL READINGS Kristine can perform readings over the phone or in person. In-person readings can be in Kristine’s Hudson office, or for a small fee, she can travel to your home, office, or public location.
  • GROUP READINGS Kristine frequently gets requests for readings with small groups. Group readings are best if they are scheduled in the home of one of the group members. The format can be dictated by the group and readings can be individual and private for eeach member of the group who desires a reading, or collectively with the group. Depending on the group these readings can be very informative and frequently group members schedule follow-up readings to get more insight and details into their personal questions and needs for clarity and direction.